SEPTEMBER 2nd - 4th, 2021
Alte Feuerwehrhaus Süd




The idea for the GAWC - Stuttgart Pfennigbasar originated in 1967 as members actively looked for new ideas to collect donations and do good in their local community.


The first Pfennigbasar committee was quickly founded and in 1968 to the delight of the committee and members the first Pfennigbasar took place.


The event was wildly successful and supported by Germans and American alike. Many, many hands with good ideas contributed to the success and the Pfennigbasar became a popular event in the city.


The Pfennigbasar quickly became and remains today one of the most popular GAWC Events, allowing friendships to be made, support from both the American & German militaries and allowing the GAWC to contribute hundreds of thousands DM and Euros to social institutions within the local community.





A traditional annual event for the GAWC, the Pfennigbasar continues to be a favorite of club members and locals alike. After over 50 years the Pfennigbasar will continue but it will be a smaller Basar with a variety of items to sell, as well as a German American bake sale.


The Pfennigbasar is typically held at the Altes Feuerwehrhaus in Heslach (Stuttgart-Süd) over two days in early spring. The event includes something for everyone with small eats & drinks offerings, a wide variety of items for sale and fun for all.   

Pencil the next Pfennigbasar in your Calendar for September 2nd - 4th, 2021!!