Who are we......

The German American Womens Club of Stuttgart was stablished in 1947.   As a club, we promote friendship, international understanding and tolerance among people of different nationalities.  Monthly meetings are held in a vairety of locations throughout Stuttgart, to include Americna installations.  The   programs include cultural events, speeches, conrtts coffees, lunches, and excursions.

Annually, the clubs main fundraisier, the Pfennig Basaar (or Penny Bazaar) is held.  The proceeds are givine back to the community for various programs.  

News of upcoming events and sharing of photos occurs on our Stuttgart GAWC Facebook page.  However, you must be a GAWC member in order to join this closed group.  If you are interested, please see your membership page.

Welcome to the German American Women's Club Stuttgart

Sep 22:  Welcome Coffee

Oct 25:  International Event - Spain

Nov 7-9:  Pfennig Basaar

Dec 8:  Christmas Brunch

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General Announcements

P F E N N I G B A S A R    2016 

Sie können Ihre Spenden für den Pfennigbasar an folgenden Terminen (immer am Donnerstag) abgeben:



Anlieferung von 9.00 Uhr bis 12.00 Uhr

WO:  Schimmelhütte, Schimmelhüttenplatz 3, 70597 Stuttgart-  Degerloch

ACHTUNG: 30er Zone! 

Sie können vorfahren und ausladen.

               Irmela Griesinger                                                                                                                        Gabi Fuerst

               Fon 0711-605555                                                                                                                      Mobil:  0172-9522613

               Fax 0711-605535                                                                                                                       gfuerst@web.de



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